If you’re like many folks I’ve met, you may proclaim faith in Jesus, but you’re not entirely sure how your faith connects with the rest of life—let alone find ways to share your faith with others. So you feel a bit disillusioned or confused, maybe even a bit guilty.

I’m here to invite you on a journey of discovery where you’ll see that walking with God is an epic adventure. Every day has the potential of holding treasure to be discovered.

In the process, you unveil beauty and purpose and hope, and as a result, others are drawn to the Blue Thread Life because of the way you live and work and interact.

Why a Blue Thread Life?

In the Bible, in the books of Exodus and Numbers, God’s people were ordered to wear blue cords tied to their garments every single day as a reminder of the God who brought them out of slavery, the God who was taking them into the Promised Land. The blue chord was a reminder of God’s redemption, God’s presence, and God’s plans.

And so, the Blue Thread Life aspires to point you and me to …

  • the blue thread of God’s redemption woven into the good and the hard parts of our stories;
  • the blue thread of God’s presence woven through everyday events, through people, through nature;
  • the blue thread of God’s plans and purposes woven throughout his Word and throughout the stories of folks who, unbeknownst to them, have been living a Blue Thread Life, drawing others closer to God.

There have been times in my life when I have felt distant from God—even though I knew God was with me. What’s more, in some chapters of my career, my work was celebrated and supported by fellow Christians—like when I served as a missionary in a rural village in Kenya. During other chapters, though—as a college professor, a magazine editor, a freelance writer—what I was doing did not seem to be valued by the Church.

And so, while working toward a Doctorate in Ministry, I focused my research on people who positively impacted their communities through the way they approached all of life and all of work as worship. I called the concept Serious Play, and at that time, I wrote a fair bit about people who were able to use their skills and passions in a meaningful manner. But I found Serious Play to be too confining. And so, the Blue Thread Life was born.


Originally from South Africa, I now live in my eighth country, Guatemala, where I’m seeking to expand my linguistic repertoire to include Spanish. My jobs are mostly online. I teach Strategic Futuring and write Life Mission Statements for folks through an online seminary, as well as serve as a dissertation supervisor for an online university. I’m also a digital strategist and content writer for a company that creates apps that help you become all you were born to be. And from time to time, I facilitate leadership development events around the world.

I love life. I also love really good coffee in beautiful places around the globe—and great chocolate, good wine, and meals prepared with love and shared with good friends and family. Plus I love good books—especially ones that take you on journeys to places near and far. Most of all, I love Jesus.

No matter what I do—work or play—it’s all part of the Blue Thread Life. While I will share some of my own adventures, my goal is for you to embrace the adventure of the Blue Thread Life before you!

What You Can Expect

I’ll provide you with a lens through which to look at life and see God in fresh ways. This includes new ways to pray passages from the Bible and employ other prayer practices.

I also have lots of folks lined up for interviews. Some are famous, others are ordinary folks like you and me—folks who do what God uniquely gifted them to do, and by living their unique stories, are able to look back and see the thread of God’s presence and plans, and God’s grace and redemption even in the tough times. I will be posting at least one video and/or audio recording every month with such interviews.

I’ll also be posting regular tools for spiritual growth, some practices with which you may or may not be familiar, simply intended to help us grow in our awareness of God’s presence moment by moment. And I’ll be writing about topics from spiritual formation, to work as worship, to travel stories.

I’d love to hear from you—whom you’d like me to interview next, how different tools have worked for you, and more. You can contact me through email, join the conversation on Facebook, or follow the adventures on Instagram. (Feel free to use #bluethreadlife for your own Blue Thread Life insights, too!)

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Welcome to the epic adventure of the Blue Thread Life. 

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