What is a Blue Thread Life?


One of my goals for this year was to finally publish my book on Serious Play. But the more I thought about the topic and its limitations, the more convinced I became of the need to create a new brand. This is it. Welcome to the Blue Thread Life!
A Blue Thread Life promotes intentionality in the way you approach life, the way you view work, and the way you integrate your faith in all of life and all of work.
A Blue Thread Life is an invitation to be fully alive, not simply go through the motions. It embraces the beauty that surrounds you, and to provides a challenge to look beyond the obvious, to see what’s hidden and find delight therein.
A Blue Thread Life opposes a fragmented life and believes instead that convergence is the key to living a life that is a symphony of praise to the Giver of Life.
The infinity knot represents the Blue Thread that runs through all of life, tying together the seen and the unseen, the opportunities before us and the guts to jump in with both feet, the joy and the pain, the meaningful and the seemingly mundane.
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