About Adele

I’m Adele—yes, like the singer, but I’m about twice her age, so I often say that I’m the original Adele. 

For more than 20 years, I’ve been living outside of my home country, South Africa. During these years, I have learned much about cross-cultural living and leadership, about working in the non-profit and educational world, about the different ways that folks respond to me when I was a missionary, especially during a time of civil unrest vs. how they responded when I was in a “regular job.”

This dichotomy lead me down a path of studying theology of work—as in, what the Bible teaches about work. To prove that work can be worship—even if you’re in a job that you don’t love, in a role that’s simply not what you were cut out to do—I took a detour into early childhood education. (I am not a preschool teacher.) And for my doctoral dissertation, I interviewed close to 30 individuals whom I described as Serious Players. Serious Play is the integration of your skills and your passions in a purposeful way. As a serious player, work becomes play and all of life becomes worship.

But the more I spoke and wrote about Serious Play, the more I found that the idea of life and work as worship extends far beyond simply using your skills and your passions in a meaningful way. And so, I decided to zoom out some, suggesting instead that you recognize God’s presence in the day-to-day as a Blue Thread. The Blue Thread Life is one marked by a posture of responding to God’s nudges throughout the day, to simply delight in him. It’s about living with an awareness of God’s goodness, and in doing so, changing your outlook on life.

My career journey so far has been somewhat unconventional, but certainly Blue Thread! Most of my career has been in education,

But I also worked in rural Kenya for several years at Empowering Lives International, where I hosted visiting teams and was responsible for educating supporters through stories and photography. And I worked at Compassion International where I oversaw leadership development of Compassion’s university students throughout Asia.

Currently, I spend the majority of my time as a content architect (aka freelance writer) for Gloo, a company that’s pioneering a brilliant new way of championing the growth of others.

My Strengths® are Connectedness, Activator, Maximizer, Individualization and Achiever.

My Enneagram type is 7w8.

Here, you can find out more about my Career Highlights.

What you can expect on this blog

I write about living a Blue Thread Life. This includes work as worship, and life as worship—which, naturally, includes any of my adventures around the world (currently, Belize). I also write about leadership development, which—in my case—is part of my Blue Thread Life. As someone who is happily single, I also blog about the joys and challenges of life as a single adult, since that can make or break a person’s approach to life as worship.

As someone who has lived in seven countries and traveled to almost 70, I’ve included some popular posts from my old blog to this blog.

As I gear up to publish my first book on the Blue Thread Life, my goal is to have one post a week.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to connect.