What is the Blue Thread Life?

The Blue Thread Life is
seeing the evidence of God
in everything you do,
every single day,
including in the unique expression
of your personality,
and in your business/job.

In the Bible, in the books of Exodus and Numbers, the Jewish people were ordered to wear blue cords tied to their garments every single day as a reminder of God and to live in obedience to him.

And so, the Blue Thread Life is a reminder of God’s presence at work, in life, in relationships. The Blue Thread does not stop when you finish up your quiet time or come home from church. It is as much a part of having access to God’s wisdom, his revelation, his love, as of anything you do!

God knows the path you are on. The only path you need to stay true to is the path you are on. Stay true to who you are. Live the Blue Thread Life.

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